22 Feb 2018 11:49 AM | Michael Kelberer (Administrator)

by Michael Kelberer

From an article by the Greater Good Science Center

Gratitude is a recognition that:

  • There's goodness in our lives, gifts or benefits that we enjoy (and might often take for granted.
  • This goodness is often due to the actions of another person. When we're graeful, we recognize the intention and effort that went into those actions on our behalf,and the benefits they gave us.

  Research shows that: 

  • Gratefulness increases happiness and life satisfaction.
  • Grateful people are more resilient to stress.
  • Grateful people get along better with others.
  • Grateful people are less depressed.
  • Grateful people achieve more.
  • Grateful people are more helpful and generous.

Gratitude meditations on Insight Timer: 

There are quite a few - here are two to get your started:
Gratitude Meditation (14 min) by Sarah McLean
Peaceful and Relaxed (15 min): Gratitude Meditation by Mellisa Dormoy

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