The Buddhist Roots of Mindfulness

1 Dec 2017 11:52 AM | Michael Kelberer (Administrator)

by Michael Kelberer

One way we can expand and deepen our secular mindfulness and compassion practices is by exploring the Buddhist roots from which they grew. The basic secular practices are generally described in terms of modern science. The Buddhist roots go back 2,500 years, and can provide a lot of depth and nuance simply not available in the secular texts.

As you may know, Tim (Burnett, Mindfulness Northwest guiding teacher) and his co-leaders have been exploring these roots at our longer retreats for a couple of years. Some of these "Roots" talks can be found on our website:

For a broader dive, there is a nice library of Dharma Talks by Tim (as Guiding Teacher of the Red Cedar Zen Community) and visiting Zen Priests on the Red Cedar Zen Community website:

An update on the science

Not to diminish the importance of the growing body of science supporting our mindfulness practices! There are a couple of articles in the current Lion's Roar magazine on "what we know and what we don't" - a look at which of the more than 6,000 research papers on mindfulness really stand on solid ground. One of those is available on the Greater Good website: The State of Mindfulness Science. 

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