Carpooling to upcoming retreats and trainings

Just follow the CARPOOL links to sign up to carpool to our upcoming retreats and trainings.

You may offer rides in your own vehicle or sign up to join another participant in theirs. 

  • Spring Weekend Retreat at Samish Island, March 27-29, 2020   CARPOOL
  • 5-day Mindfulness Island Retreat on Orcas Island, May 5-10, 2020 CARPOOL
  • 5-day Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Residential Training, August 9 - 14, 2020 Carpool
  • 5-day Roots of Compassion Retreat  at Samish Island, Aug 30-Sept 4, 2020  CARPOOL
  • 7-day Roots of Mindfulness Retreat at Samish Island, Oct 11-18, 2020  CARPOOL
  • 5-day Mindful Self-Compassion Residential Training, October 18 - 23, 2020 Carpool

Upcoming Overnight Retreats and Trainings

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