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  • 2021 Spring Weekend Mindfulness Retreat (Live Online)

2021 Spring Weekend Mindfulness Retreat (Live Online)

  • 19 Mar 2021
  • 6:00 PM
  • 21 Mar 2021
  • 11:00 AM
  • Live Online (Pacific Time)
  • 33


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Base fee:

Join us for our annual weekend retreat of mindfulness practices in the style of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
Live Online

I started out skeptical, but was surprised and delighted by how easily a sense of community developed in the online format. And as with in-person retreats, I felt very quieted, calmed, and grounded by the end.

- Amanda

Course details:

This Live Online retreat will be held  in silence and will include a series of gently guided mindfulness practices including sitting meditation, walking meditation, gentle yoga, and the body scan. Informative talks on the process of being on retreat, mindfulness, stress reactivity, and other topics will be presented by the instructor. This retreat is designed for graduates of mindfulness classes - please see the prerequisites below.

Notes from Online Retreat Participants

"I was surprised and delighted by how easily a sense of community developed in the online format."

"I learned that a retreat isn’t really about going away. It’s about giving permission and time and space to just practice."

"This format pushed me to establish a space for daily practice that works!"

"I never expected an online retreat to compare with live, but I got so much deep practice and insights."

"I felt deep relaxation which is important during these trying times."

Read complete participant reports.


The daily schedule allows an integration of committed meditation practice, teachings, and your life at home.

We will be away from the screen for most of the afternoon.

We have found this format leads to an engagement with this work that is both deep and realistic.

We aren't simply "moving" our retreat from in-person to Zoom. Rather we have reinvented a home-based retreat. Students report that the format is nourishing and supportive, especially during this difficult time. 

Our online retreat days will run from 7:00 am Pacific time until 8:30 pm with breaks for meals and an ample open period in the middle of the day which can be used for more formal practice on your own, exercise, personal care, or any necessary home or work business that must be attended to.  

Starts Friday, March 19, at 6 PM.

Closes Sunday, March 21, at 11 AM.

Getting ready for a multi-day online retreat:

You will need a quiet room or corner (headphones can help) for our periods of formal practice. You can do our integrated online retreats at home or you could consider booking yourself a stay somewhere for a personal retreat. Both work well.

Our online "retreats" are not so much retreats in terms of getting away from it all but an opportunity to integrate committed mindfulness practice into your life at home. It will be a time to explore seeing everything in life as part of the retreat - an opportunity to  show up with awareness, acceptance and kindness to every moment of the day whether it's during meditation with Zoom, helping your children, exercising, handling essential work tasks, or if you need to run an errand. 

More on our online retreats, including reports from past participants.


Before practicing for nearly a full weekend, we recommend that you have experience with mindfulness or related contemplative practices. The retreat is designed first for graduates of the intensive 8-week classes in Mindful Self-Compassion and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and should also be fine for those who have tasted mindfulness or meditation in teacher-led classes, retreats, or meditation centers. Contact us if you have questions about whether this retreat will be appropriate for you.


Rev. Tim Burnett, Teacher: Guiding Instructor and Executive Director at Mindfulness Northwest

Carolyn McCarthy, Mindful Self-Compassion Trained Teacher and trained Mindfulness Teacher

Location: Live Online using Zoom (contact info is emailed upon registration).     

Cost: $245 - $130   Sliding Scale Tuition.

We also have special Scholarship Tuition options available for those unable to pay at the low end of the sliding scale. We can only offer limited quantities of scholarship tuition so please register early.

Note that there will also be an opportunity during registration to practice generosity by making a contribution to our Accessibility Fund so that others without means can attend.

Payment plans are also available during registration (four equal monthly payments; no financing fee). 

Registration:  REGISTER ONLINE 

With registration, you will also receive information about how to connect to this Online Zoom Event.

Cancellation Policy:
For all details about our registration and cancellation policies, please see our Course Registration Policies page.

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