Let's Practice, by Tim Burnett

2 Apr 2020 8:47 AM | Catherine Duffy (Administrator)

Let's Practice

by Tim Burnett

Dearest Friends,

This is a frightening and overwhelming time. Some of us are working overtime on the front lines, some of us are sidelined. Most of us are just trying to get through the changes that each day brings.

There are moments when everything is fine. Good, even. Spring is arriving. The streets are so quiet, it's amazing! There's a peacefulness. And it's very odd and creepy at the same time.

How do we hold it all? How do we approach it?

Let's practice.

There is plenty of evidence that a regular mindfulness practice helps us be more resilient during difficult times. That includes meeting fear with more stability and patience, and being more available and open to joy and connection when they arrive.

We're offering a wealth of free resources on our Practices Home page. You might try one of these each day. I'm especially finding breath counting helpful lately in my own practice.

Depending on your situation, committing to a regular time to do a practice might be helpful. Maybe it's more a matter of fitting it in wherever it works. But let's all try to nourish ourselves in this way every day (and be forgiving when we miss a day or two).

And as you know, signing up for a class provides a lot of support, too. We are offering a bunch of them as are other groups. A strange benefit from this catastrophe is you can do everything from the privacy of your own home. And please don't worry if that means a little chaos is in the background when you're online. We don't mind that. Its reality. We're all just doing our best.

With love,

Tim and the rest of the team at Mindfulness Northwest

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