The Buddhist Roots of Mindfulness 2018

Lectures from the Buddhist Roots of Mindfulness Retreat, OCtober 2018

In October 2018, Mindfulness Northwest director and leader teacher Tim Burnett led a 7-day silent mindfulness retreat with co-teacher Karen Schwisow. Tim gave daily talks exploring the early Buddhist teachings on mindfulness as expressed in the Satipatthana Sutta - The Sutra on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

The primary texts for the lectures were:
  • Thich Nhat Hanh's Transformation and Healing: Sutra on the Four Establishments of Mindfulness
  • Rodney Smith's Touching the Infinite: A New Perspective on the Buddha's Four Foundations of Mindfulness
  • Andrew Oldenski, The Real Practice of Mindfulness (9/2/2016 Lion's Roar Magazine)

You can read the poetry and quotations included during the meditations here.

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